Recall when Metallica legend Kirk Hammett joined Meshuggah in front of an audience to play “Drain”? In quite possibly the most epic metal hybrids ever — at the Metallica guitarist’s own celebration, no less — Hammett brought his unmistakable style to metal’s most headbangable melody.

In April 2015, Kirk Von Hammett’s Fear FestEvil was held in San Jose, Calif. The arrangement was stacked, including Meshuggah, High on Fire, Agnostic Front, Orchid, Ghoul and Asada Messiah, while Corey Taylor, Slash, John 5, Charlie Benante and others were additionally close by for the celebrations.

During Meshuggah’s featuring execution, Hammett smashed the stage to tear a solo on “Drain,” strolling a sonic tightrope among Metallica and the extraordinary djent pioneers. Following an entire moment of destroying, Hammett vanished once again into the murkiness, leaving Meshuggah to musically smash the California swarm.

“I could feel the force behind me,” Hammett later revealed to SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal. “What’s more, I was considering everything, and it was somewhat similar to being before a train. Also, the best way to, similar to, keep before that train is to simply play my rear end off and stay aware of it. It was incredibly ground-breaking and a stunning encounter. I need to state, I’ve stuck with many individuals and I’ve stuck with a great deal of groups, yet that was so novel and next level.”

“Their stage show is trippy, on the grounds that they have lights — a ton of lights — and you can scarcely see those folks. So when I strolled in front of an audience, it was so dim in front of an audience, I could scarcely see my [guitar] neck, yet, for reasons unknown, some way or another, some way, that sort of added to the general vibe.”

Hammett added, “I simply need to state, man… It was the first occasion when I truly sat and watched them for over ten minutes, ’cause that is generally constantly I have. What’s more, I need to state, they’re outstanding amongst other metal groups out there for an assortment of reasons, man. Regarding procedure and virtuosity, as far as creativity, there’s no point of reference before Meshuggah. They have start a trend, and they are so one of a kind. It’s nearly ‘Dada-esque.’ I realize I’m utilizing a ton of huge fifty-penny words here, however it’s the lone way I can truly clarify how I think and how I feel about them.”

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