On New Year’s Eve, KISS played their last demonstration of the year — a monstrous livestream occasion held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, which set two world precedents as affirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records. Independently, Gene Simmons additionally multiplied down on his notorious “rock is dead” quote, attesting the thought again in another meeting.

The ‘Say farewell to 2020’ livestream show purportedly included $1 million worth of pyrotechnic impacts and, taking into account that both world records were based on the utilization of the blazing exhibitions, it seems, by all accounts, to be cash very much spent.

New world records were set up for “most noteworthy fire projection in a music show” — 35 meters (almost 115 feet) — and “most fire projections dispatched at the same time in a music show” — 73 — a Guinness Book of World Records agent told the band (through Blabbermouth).

Commending the achievements, KISS tweeted the news close by a conspicuous video cut from the show that gives fans a free thought of what’s conceivable with $1 million to spend simply on pyro alone.

Altogether, the band burned through $10 million on the show creation, which used in excess of 50 4K cameras with 360-degree sees as the band played on a tremendous 250-foot stage.

Then, in a meeting with Gulf News that went before the New Year’s Eve celebrations, both Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were gotten some information about the possibility that rock is dead, one Simmons hasn’t been modest about sustaining previously.

Stanley contended that “the lone music that reliably sells out shows for an enormous scope is rock and roll” and that cutting edge acts have basically co-selected the KISS stage show for their own motivations. “I would wager the homestead, in a manner of speaking, that Led Zeppelin will outlive whatever has the main record today,” he stated, providing reason to feel ambiguous about the suffering tradition of current uber stars.

“Rock is dead,” Simmons reasserted, “And that is on the grounds that new groups haven’t set aside the effort to make style, energy and epic stuff.”

In 2014, the Demon of KISS experienced harsh criticism for expressing that “rock is dead,” having refined his whole contention down to the possibility that there have been practically no enormously effective musical gangs since 1988.

He rehashed these cases, almost verbatim, adulating any semblance of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC and his own band, KISS, just as Madonna inside disco and the aggregate of the Motown music scene.

“From 1988, until now — that is over 30 years — reveal to me who the new Beatles is,” protected Simmons. “You can’t.”

The 71-year-old rocker assessed the current music scene and singled out K-pop whizzes BTS as a famous present day act, demonstrating that achievement in music is as yet delighted in outside of rock.

“There are famous groups. BTS is extremely well known. A wide range of groups are exceptionally famous. That doesn’t mean notable and inheritance and forever. It’s extraordinary.”

For Simmons, one major contrast he pestered was the capacity of a craftsman to compose their own tunes and play their own instruments. “You know, the cutting edge specialists depend such a huge amount on innovation. You will be unable to perceive the craftsman on the off chance that they record themselves singing in the shower. You’d be stunned,” clarified the KISS symbol, “And none of the rappers play instruments. Try not to compose melodies. They compose words. However, harmonies, tunes, harmonies and stuff. It doesn’t imply that rap isn’t significant. It’s significant. Be that as it may, it ain’t the Beatles.”

At the point when squeezed about which contemporary specialists they appreciate, Stanley named pop vocalist Ariana Grande, Post Malone and Lady Gaga. “I love all the pop craftsmen,” added Simmons. “I think Billie Eilish is awesome. She’s intriguing in light of the fact that she and her sibling really compose the material and are extraordinary to themselves,” he proceeded, later repeating his bandmate while commending Gaga.

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